May 23 2009

7 days to go…..

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This time next Saturday I’ll be the other side of the weigh in and just waiting for my fight to begin. After 4 years training I’ve finally got to competition level. It might be the lowest possible level but it’s a start. I’ve got an idea of where I’d like to take things but first I want to see how this goes. Since my interclub in February I’ve been training hard, doing private sessions with a Thai instructor, going out running and cycling several times a week and of course spending hours at the gym. I’ve also been working on my weight. Normally when I post updates it’s of my weight at the end of a session at the gym when I’m dehydrated and it’s a bit lower, but next week I’ll be weighed when I’m not dehydrated so it’ll have to be lower still. I’m down to fight this one at 88 kg and it’s taken a lot of work to get my “normal” weight to anything below 90 kg, but I’m nearly there now. At the beginning of last night’s session I was 89.1 kg and at the end I was 87.7 kg. Going by the lower of the two, that’s a total weight loss of 46 kg, 102 lbs or 7 stone 4 lbs and a reduction of 35% of my original weight. I know some people who weigh less than that. Compared to the albino Shrek of a few years ago I also look like a fighter now: not just thinner (although I’ve lost 15″ off my waist) but a lot more muscly and better toned and with a lot more life in my eyes. Got to behave myself a bit longer to make sure I lose the last bit, but I should be OK as long as I put in plenty of training over the next few days and stay away from the pies.

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    Good luck 🙂

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    Good luck 🙂