May 15 2009

Fight Part III

Category: UncategorizedMarcus @ 11:26 pm

Entry form filled in and left with my trainer to send off, so now the fight’s definitely on. Still to decide what exactly the rules will be but the only difference will be a possible extra 30 seconds per round and a couple of extra allowed techniques. It’ll be over 3 rounds of either 1.5 minutes or 2, and wearing shinpads, a head guard and a body pad. There’s a £30 entrance fee but I do get a DVD out of it which will probably be appearing on Youtube in due course. Certainly come a long way from my first ever interclub in 2007 (pictured in the user icon for this post).

Meanwhile I’m hoping my MP3 player starts working again once it’s dried out after I got caught in a massive thunderstorm tonight.

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