Jun 25 2009

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So, life then. Sometimes there’s just too much going on to think about but it isn’t exciting enough to write about but hey, this is a blog. Anyway, as far as work goes, I was redeployed, then got a short term project to do. Without getting too technical, it involves taking a bunch of Excel spreadsheets and turning them into a proper database. There’s a lot of internal politics involved with the technology we can use. I wanted to use ASP.Net and MS SQL Server because I know it pretty well but in the end we had to use Oracle and Apex. I’ve done Oracle in the past but not Apex (which is essentially a particularly database-heavy content management system).

In one of those cases of serendipity, one of the senior managers involved with this was my line manager on a project I did a few years. In among all the politics it looks like I’ve been deredeployed (if that’s a word) and been offered a new permanent job. I’ll be making a couple of phone calls to sort out the details, but it sounds like it’ll be some kind of technical design role doing the same kind of thing that I’m doing for this project but on a more structured basis. Work’s internal processes are designed for big “strategic” projects but there’s a need for smaller “tactical” systems. As well as the techy stuff I think they might also need a fast track approvals process so it’s actually allowed to go ahead. Our processes might look good in management textbooks but they do have a few areas that could be improved and hopefully the new job will allow me to influence some of them.

Still on with the training as well. Training up for my fight made a big difference to my fitness. I was pretty fit anyway but even more so now. It does mean I’ve got to work even harder to make any progress. My Thai boxing sparring has sharpened up a fair bit but concentrating on that means I’ve got a bit out of practice with the BJJ. I should be getting a DVD of my fight through in the next couple of days (possibly even tomorrow) which will be going Youtube once I get round to ripping it. As far as the weight goes, I’ve decided my final target will be 83-84 kg. As long as it’s 86 kg or less for my next fight (whenever that might be) I’ll be happy. Now I am this fit I want to make sure I stay that way for as long as possible.

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