Nov 26 2009

Nearly there

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87.8 kg on the scales at the beginning of tonight’s session at the gym which is the lowest it’s ever been, and let’s say it was 85.9 at the end (it was near enough). This is despite picking up a stinking cold and spending most of the last few days Winehousing on menthol, eucalyptus, and hot curries and chillies (Discovery’s 2stage hot chilli sauce is actually pretty good, especially if you do it with diced beef instead of mince). Previous record was 88.4 which was on the day of my fight at the end of May. At this rate I’ll get to my final target either next week or the week after. The ideal would be 86 kg at the beginning of the session and 84 kg at the end, but 85 -> 84 will do. As long as it’s 84 at the end of the night I don’t care. This would be milestone 7 or the very last target and means I’ve got my weight down from 21 stone to 13 stone 3 and is a total loss of 49 kg or 7 stone 10 lbs. After this I’ll still keep my weight under control of course, but as my fitness has improved over the last year or so I’ve been more interested in improving my Thai boxing and BJJ technique, and now I’m doing MMA as well I’ve got that to work on too. I had a word with my Thai boxing instructor about fighting next year, and if I can get a word in edgeways I’m going to ask my MMA instructor about doing an interclub there as well.

Time for an updated progress photo probably next week. I think this one will be wearing MMA shorts and gloves. I’m not a cage fighter yet but I’m definitely working on it.

Xmas shopping with my mum in Leeds tomorrow so I’ll probably be sampling the gluhwein. I’d like a large black cherry mocha and a selection from but these will have to wait just a bit longer. On a related festive note, I hope k425 and oldbloke liked the card I slipped in the envelope of Observer supplements that I sent them.

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