Mar 03 2010

July 1955 Reader’s Digest

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With the UK arm of Reader’s Digest going into administration I remembered I had a copy of the July 1955 edition. It’s a strange mix of of Cold War paranoia (articles such as “How Dangerous is A-bomb Fallout?” and “Communists are not Eight Feet Tall”), “educational” pieces on things like the Universal Postal Union and the Mormons, and the usual RD columns such as “It Pays to Increase Your Word Power” and “Life’s Like That”. The Drama in Real Life article is about a couple who picked up the wrong baby from a maternity ward. There’s also timewarp adverts from 1955 for things like electricity showrooms, correspondence courses and strange medicinal ointments and salts.

If anyone wants scans of the inside pages, comment below.

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