Apr 04 2013

Getting Started

Category: UncategorizedMarcus @ 9:04 pm

So, this site now has WordPress installed. I have a few different blogs, on Live Journal, Blogger and WordPress.com, but I want to consolidate them on a site that I own. Surname.com or surname.org domains don’t come up very often so I grabbed mine before it got nicked by a cybersquatter company. I know personal blogs generally only have a small handful of readers, if any, and they often get started with great intentions and then are abandoned after a couple of posts. Whether that happens with this one remains to be seen…..

What do I tend to blog about? One old blog covered politics and a sceptical view of things like religion and the New Age. Another currently has a single post covering techy stuff. A third covered day-to-day type stuff. Consolidating them all here may mean I dart from topic to topic, but putting them in different categories means they’ll appear on different pages so you shouldn’t get technical discussions of password salting right next to criticizing govt policies or New Age shysters. What happens next? Wait and see…

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