Apr 26 2013


Category: UncategorizedMarcus @ 9:25 pm

So I finally get round to setting up a blog on my website (over at http://www.houlden.org for LJers) but then I hardly ever get round to posting anything because when I do try it turns out to be a very long and discursive essay that I never finish. I suppose what I really need to do is something halfway between that and the extremely short updates that Twitter allows.

Quick summary of where things are then. For work I’m doing something pretty complicated that involves ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server, Active Directory and a few other bits and pieces. Away from work, I have a scooter:

Not the biggest thing around but it’ll do for now until I get my full licence. I like to explore, and after working from home it’s nice to get some fresh air, so over the last week I’ve done a circuit from Horsforth to Otley and back via Guisley, a 100 mile ride out to Manchester and back on A roads, and another 30 mile circuit along the top of the ring road to Garforth and via the centre of Leeds. Gotta renew my CBT before mid July so the more practice I can get the better.

I definitely need to do more quick updates rather than long and complicated tracts to keep things moving. Because this is my site rather than something hosted on a shared service like WordPress.com I can do what I want with it.

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