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I’m at http://mhoulden.dreamwidth.org/. Dunno what happens next or how to crosspost from here (although I’ve got public entries here set to go over to Facebook), but anyway. Even if I don’t post there, at least it’s mine. I’m on Twitter as well, but I’ve only got a limited number of followers and followees and I hardly ever post anything. May as well also mention MySpace as well (with just one friend, the ubiquitous Tom) The joys of social media….


For ages my Livejournal has been friends only, mainly due to problems with spam and trolls. However, just as an experiment, I’m going to try having most of the entries public and with public but screened comments. I’m also going to try the LJ -> Facebook link to see how that works. There will be some LJ stuff that will be friends only: I know most of the people on my flist quite well in one way or another and there are some things I prefer to restrict to them. I also know Facebook’s privacy policies aren’t exactly in keeping with the principles of the Data Protection Acts.

May as well also use my first public post to say that if hotbadgerdeluxe is reading this then I hope he’s OK even if he’s having a (hopefully only temporary) absence.