Dec 09 2009

Milestone 6.9

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Definitely on track with the pre-xmas weight loss. Tonight on the scales I was 85.8 kg or 13 stone 6 lbs, being a total loss of 48 kgs or 7 stone 8 lbs over a bit less than 3 years and the last stone in the last 6 weeks. Just one more kilo to go and that’s it. As I’m very close to my final target I thought it was about time for a new photo, as well as comparing it to April 2005 when I first got into martial arts and May 2008 just before the bike accident. From lard bucket through Thai boxing and finally MMA. Less curved, bigger muscles, and a much more intense look in the eyes. You probably wouldn’t want to get a punch off those MMA gloves either. I’m going to work on getting down to 84 kg for next week, but 85 will do if I don’t get there.

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Jul 25 2007

Protected: Milestone 4

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