Jun 28 2009


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Anyone else think The Inquirer has gone seriously downhill since Mike Magee left? The Register has better tech news and some of the comments are even more full of drivel than the Maurice Kellett appreciation society that is uk.local.yorkshire these days. I know they’ve since had another editor (Paul Hales) leave, and I do wonder what kind of state their owners are in when they’ve also just shut down Personal Computer World.

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Apr 17 2009

Bitter Sourness

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There’s been various stories about the kid who fell into a vat of caustic soda in Rotherham, including whether it was reported as an acid or an alkali. I think the confusion comes from this BBC News story where one of the kid’s friends ran to his parents’ house to report that he had fallen into some acid, and it kind of went on from there. I can understand junior school kids thinking “hurty chemical = acid”, but I think it’s only lazy journalism that means reporters didn’t bother to correct it. When I started high school in 1990, after we’d got past the tedious distillation of brine bit we spent a lot of time going through acids, alkalis and the pH scale.

I suppose an interesting point to consider from this is what things could be like if everyone used GCSE level maths and science on day to day basis. Being able to point out that some govt survey is nonsense through knowledge of basic stats, or being able to humiliate Dr Gillian McKeith and her atrocious pseudoscience would certainly help to get rid of some of the dodgier practices that the media currently gets away with.

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Feb 28 2008

Protected: I’m famous!

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Jun 30 2007

Protected: Here is the news

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