Mar 29 2009


Category: UncategorizedMarcus @ 7:32 pm

With Tony McNulty and Dolores Umbridge’s husband both being caught with their hands in the cookie jar, is there any good reason why 2nd homes allowances shouldn’t just be abolished and MPs put up in serviced apartments like most people who travel on business and stay away from home for long periods? A one bed apartment with a separate office would do for single MPs, and a bigger place would be OK for people with families. No need for John Lewis lists: the furnishings would be supplied by the company running the apartments. I’ve stayed in one myself and found it to be quite comfortable and secure. It was a studio apartment and went for about £700/week but they had bigger places that were more expensive. A purpose built block for MPs could include things like a library and sports facilities, as well as extra security if needed.

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