Nov 28 2010

Frozen Penguin

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frozen penguin
Originally uploaded by mhoulden

There’s been plenty of photos of snow in Leeds, but how many are of penguins? This one was seen in the playground at Featherbank School and was looking distinctly chilly.

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Jan 05 2010

Today’s snow

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Easier to see on the big version (click through), but I think the girl in the bottom left and the sheer size and number of snowflakes probably sum up the state of Leeds today. On the Twitter #uksnow thing I gave this 9/10. Out the back I cleared the snow off the top of the dustbin and two hours it was covered in an inch of snow.

It looks nice but I’m bored of it now. Too cold, makes cycling too risky, and buses are too unreliable to get to the gym to train.

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Dec 18 2009

Joining in with the snow pics

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Originally uploaded by mhoulden

At 3 pm it wasn’t snowing. It was bright and clear but pretty cold. I went downstairs to get a coffee at about 3.20 and it definitely was then. It started getting heavier so I nipped up to my bedroom with the camera to get this photo. Click through and there’s one on the other side on Flickr. I didn’t want to open the window too far because it was blowing in. By 4 pm it had stopped temporarily, but it was snowing again when I left to go to the gym just after 5.

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Dec 04 2008

Protected: Snow!

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