Oct 13 2009

Fighting On

Category: UncategorizedMarcus @ 10:51 pm

Just waiting to get the final confirmations through, but now it looks like I am fighting on Sunday after all. Amateur Thai rules with shin pads and probably over 5 rounds of 1.5 minutes. I’ll be a bit overweight for this because I only found about it this afternoon, but this is only my first full contact Thai boxing match so it’s not as critical as if it was at a higher level and my opponent might be a bit over as well. Wish me luck. I mentioned over on Twitter what I had planned for my entrance music and was pleasantly surprised to get a reply back from the band wishing me good luck.

On the subject of Twitter, I was quite amused about today’s shenanigans about Carter Ruck (sic) and Trafigura. My own contribution was a few hash tags: #Trafigura #CarterRuck #StreisandEffect #snigger. I’ve been reading about these injunctions in Private Eye and hopefully what happened today will mean people ask questions about them, and judges will think a bit more carefully about granting them. Never was there a better example of the Streisand Effect, apart from the original one where an obscure project into Californian coastal erosion suddenly had hundreds of thousands of visitors after Barbra tried to get them to stop it because they took a photo of her house.

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